Florent Thion Consulting is a social media agency designed to help small or medium-size businesses, brands, events, … raising their awareness through social media in Calgary or in Alberta (Canada).

As well, you can find an explanation to my creative resume @AJob4FloThion made on Instagram: scroll down the page to know more about me, my job expectations, my career path, my skills and my daily inspirations.

Also, in the blog section, you can find out articles about topics I am interested in: digital and sports, lifestyle and wellbeing.

If you are interested in my services or in my blog feel free to contact me.

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About @Ajob4FloThion

After graduating in 2014, I spent a lot of time sending applications to companies that sometimes did not reply. I was frustrated and a bit hopeless. I was thinking to change something on my applications and remembered IKEA Russia promoting its new catalogue on Instagram.

How could I develop my personal brand and promote myself on Instagram? And an idea popped up in my mind…

On each board I “told my story” by depicting my environment, who I am creatively what I am passionate about; mountains, nature, skiing, cycling, running competition/challenges and sports in general.
On there, I featured myself, my professional aspirations, my skills, my career path, my hobbies and what inspires me as a sports lover (from the emotion procured towards sports marketing)
It represents a glimpse of what made who I am today, a taste of who is Florent Thion.

This project has come out only in 2017 just because I got hired in 2015 before it turned officially online. For now, I updated some boards but the main idea remains the same.

I made use of the tagging features to let the visitors travelling toward the different boards by clicking on the loupes and visiting each board.

All in all, I drew 24 boards, created 24 new email addresses and established  24 new Instagram accounts allocated to @AJob4FloThion! That constitutes a huge amount of work from the first reflection on what would feature me the most to splitting each board into squares of 612×612 pixels !!



About the author

My name is Florent Thion, I am French and I have been living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada from September 2017. In France, I grew up in a small village in a National Park which made me turn into a genuine sports and nature enthusiast. A few years later, I got a master degree in communication in Montpellier (France).

I practised cross-country skiing in competition for 15 years and now I enjoy roaming the roads and pathways cycling or running. I am also interested in watching or trying all kind of sports.

In my spare time, I run a blog in French about marketing, digital, media, … into ice and snow sports. I manage as well two digital sports topics on the curation platform ScoopIt.


As a resident of Canada for the next years, I am seeking a job in sports, entertainment or tourism industries as a community manager/content manager/web editor or related fields.

Check out my LinkedIn profile, my Twitter feed or my online resume for more information about my professional profile. Or keep on scrolling down to learn more.


My profile might interest you. If so, do not hesitate to contact me!



About the blog

The blog section highlights my inspirations ranging from sports marketing (digital sports, activations, …), social media and the emotions procured in sports (defeats, victories, injuries, deceptions, …) and includes as well a lifestyle and welfare section where I share my thoughts on travelling, exercising, motivational quotes, and so on …


Thanks for stopping by my online home, keep on scrolling down to learn more!

If my profile fulfils your requirements for a vacancy, or if you are interested in communicating on my blog, or just want to urge me on or say “hi” do not hesitate in any case to contact me through the contact section.

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  • Editing (web editing, press releases, storytelling …)
  • Social media strategy
  • Managing social media

Personal skills

  • Critical and analytical
  • Creative
  • Diplomatic approach to solving issues
  • Very curious, imaginative, observant and show empathy
  • Adaptable and patient
  • Challenging

Computer skills

  • Microsoft word, excel, power point
  • Adobe PhotoShop, InDesign, Illustrator


  • French (native language)
  • English
  • Spanish (basic notions)


  • News
  • Sports in general and in particular skiing and cycling
  • Digital Sports

As I said above  I am seeking a job in sports, entertainment or tourism industry as a community manager/content manager/web editor or related fields.

If my profile fits with your job position and your expectations, contact me or scroll through my LinkedIn profile or online resume.

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I got inspired by the beauty of sports in all of its forms in any way while athletes are in the heart of the action or off-field made by the staff to enable fans enjoying a show or provide them another vision beyond their expectations.

Digital Sports

Fan Experience

Emotions in sports

  • Joy of Davide Bramati after his rider victory on Tour de France


  • Mark Cavendish’s crash on his home-road


  • Vincent Vittoz became first French world cross-country skiing champion


  • Roddy Darragon became first French Olympic medalist


  • Eric Moussambani at Sydney 2000


Thanks all for stopping by florent-thion.com do not hesitate to get in touch with me by using the “contact” form or visit the blog!

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