11 #SMSports pros must-follow on Twitter

When you are into sports business and social media sports, in particular, having a view on what happens in your field all over the world is crucial to enhance upgrade or make some adjustments to your social media strategy.

Here is a roster of my 11 favorites #SmSports pros I follow on twitter which they give me a view from different places all over the world and from different industry ranging from outfitters to pro clubs or brands.

Neil Horowitz‏ @njh287

Tariq Ahmad‏ @tariq_ahmad

Sean Callanan @seancallanan

Jason Brower @JaBrow

Bas Schnater @BasSchnater

Rich Clarke @MrRichardClarke

Jess Smith @WarJessEagle 

Jason Matheson‏ @JasonRMatheson

Vedran Vukušić @vukusic11

Rafael Staat García @rstaatgarcia

Joe Favorito @joefav

Share with us, here or on twitter, your #SMSports pros worth to follow.

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