7 levels of engagement on social media

Now the number of “like” doesn’t count that much in a KPI reporting, the intention of all social media manager is to see engagement growing on its social media account.

He will make use of all kind of strategy to achieve his objectives, getting his followers to act and interact and avoid “talking alone”.

Followers can be engaged simply by liking, commenting or sharing a post. But not only !!


The blog We are Social Media created an infographic to illustrate these 7 Levels of Engagement on Social Media:

  1. Attention  : a user follows your updates but doesn’t interact with them
  2. Appreciation : the user shows his appreciation through a like, a favorite or any positive sign.
  3. Sharing : the user likes your update, enough to be willing to share it with his own network
  4. Opinion : the user starts to expresses opinions on your update and leave comments.
  5. Contribution : the user produces and publishes  content and collaborates with your brand.
  6. Animation : the user animates conversation, responds and interacts with other followers.
  7. Advocacy : the users acts as an ambassador, represents it and defends it among its detractors.


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