Do we give too much a fuck?

Behind this provocative title hide a real struggle leading to unhappiness: people care too much about the things that don’t matter in life!

Well, so yes, we give too much fuck about meaningless events, meaningless news, meaningless things that shouldn’t be our first concern.

Mark Manson, the author of the bestseller « The subtle art of not giving a fuck« , gives a set of advice for caring less and start concentrating more on the things that are the most important for us.

It forces to reexamine what’s really important in our lives in a work of introspection. This reading is a perspective on discovering what we value, finding courage in the face of fear, and embracing our faults as opportunity for change.



What could we get from this book?


  • The secret to life is not having the “best”

Superficial objects like having the best car, the best job, the best house, the best money, … won’t make your life better but will you make your life depressed and empty


  • Less is more

Caring less about getting more stuff, things that haven’t happened yet, things in the unforeseeable future is going to make life better and less stressed out.

Caring more about what is true and the most important to you is what really leads to happiness.


  • Comparisons are a waste

Thanks to the Internet and social media, we now have a myriad of ways to compare ourselves to others. Through our « friends ‘ » pictures we see our lives aren’t as good as them or as good as we imagined.

Making comparisons doesn’t do anybody any good. It makes you feel like you are less and that you don’t offer as much value.

  • Wanting better isn’t making us better

Focus on and appreciate the wonderful things that you do have instead of being constantly on a quest to find that is bigger or better.


  • Accepting our personal experiences is SO valuable

Not accepting the experiences that you have had, or devaluing them actually ends up making you miss out on what really matters: your personal experiences.


  • Stop searching for happiness and realize it’s already there

If we’d stop searching for it, we’d realize that we really do have happiness in our lives, and we’d be able to embrace it.


  • Negative experiences are valuable

Everything in life teaches us valuable lessons, even the mistakes that we make and the negative experiences that we have. Through those negative experiences, we learn a lot about who we are, what’s important to us, and where we are going.

Embrace them and accept that they are beneficial!


  • Stop caring about “fitting” in

Every single person is a unique individual, which is one of the things that make humans so awesome. Focusing so much on trying to fit in and be like everyone else covers up your uniqueness, which can ultimately make you unhappy.

Embrace your individuality and it will guide you to true happiness.


  • We’re all going to die someday

Stop focusing so much on trying to be perfect, or you’ll miss out on the only opportunity that you have to enjoy life.


The blog summed up those takeaways in a nice infography

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